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VR for NX / CREO files

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5/5 - (3 votes)

SimLab Composer 10 Mechanical, and Ultimate edition added support for importing Siemens NX and Creo files on Windows and Mac.

NX Support

NX, formerly known as “unigraphics”, is an advanced high-end CAD/CAM/CAE application. SimLab Composer can read (.prt) files from Siemens NX of versions 5 to 12, experimental support is also
included for NX (1847, 1872 and 1899)

CREO Support

Creo is a family of Computer-aided design (CAD) apps supporting product design for discrete manufacturers and is developed by PTC. SimLab Composer can read (.prt., .asm.) Creo files from version 2.0 to 5.0


This native import of NX and CREO files, enables the designer to create interactive VR experiences for NX, and CREO models, as shown in How to create an interactive VR experience yourself.

In addition to creating interactive VR, designer can use SimLab Composer to render images and movies, create advanced 3D PDF files, and export USDZ files from NX and CREO models

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