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USDZ from Windows/Mac

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Export USDZ from any system

USDZ file are needed to utilize Apples new AR technology on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Many professionals and hobbyists use Windows for 3d design/production while using an iPhone/iPad to show their 3d creations, SimLab Composer allows them to utilize Windows or Mac machines to create USDZ files, from many supported 3D formats

USDZ Instant Production

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USDZ files created using SimLab Composer include materials, textures and animations

Animations in USDZ

SimLab Composer allows you to import or create animations that will be included in exported USDZ, both rigid body animations (similar to showing disassembly of a motor), or flex body animations like the wizard shown above. To learn how to create flexible body animation to be included in USDZ files, check the article Fireballs for VR Creation

Texture baking in USDZ

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iPad and iPhone are great devices, but as mobile devices they are limited in the amount of graphics processing power they can offer, SimLab Composer offers you Texture baking, which gives you the ability to bake those graphics calculations as textures to improve visual quality of your USDZ file

If you want to learn more about USDZ you can read another blog here.

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