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Fireballs for VR Creation

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5/5 - (4 votes)

It can be challenging to create real-time 3D experiences. It has to have a purpose and deliver a message. All that doesn’t exclude the idea of fun. What we are trying today is to simply deliver fireballs for your VR creation.

The look of the procedure might be intimidating yet the key factor in using this software is its ease and familiarity. Lets discuss what Simlab Composer brings to the table and how anyone can create fireballs in VR.

First Stage

First you have to handle your four main elements split into two parts; the first part is Character Models & Environments. Whether you have access to an online 3d library -in which many are available for free- or would like to create your own these are the essential components to start composing on.

Organic or Human like models should imported to Simlab Composer with baked animations in order to get flex movement animations in your scene. Relating to the next two elements: Animations & Interactions. These can be implemented within Simlab Composer without any difficulties.

You can create rigid 3D animations using the composer yet you should know that flex (rigged-joint) animations have to be imported as baked animations with their linked models.

You might ask yourself how can you get those skeletal animated models while having no experience to create them. I can tell you that there are many sources online; some are free like (mixamo.com) and (free3d.com) others like (cgtrader.com) require purchasing. These sites offer a great variety of characters, animals or other organic lively models.

Second Stage

Once you have finished up importing your models, surrounding environment and baked animations. We can now get to making the Fireball for VR.

The next stage of your work consist of checking/applying materials, animating rigid bodies plus adding visual and sound effects.

The last stage is determining your scenario and experience progression. Beginning with setting the start point, locating triggers adding buttons to activate certain actions you have already prepared from the previous work stages.

Design your own story inside the composer and add some fireballs to your own VR experience following the video bellow.

To start the full training for character animation in VR, view the following video

Or hit on with the immersive interactive VR training here

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