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Introduction to VR Variables

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Quick introductions to VR Variables in training builder

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Using the visual training builder, user can add variables of the following types:
String Variable: Stores object names, message data, ..etc
Number Variable: Supports both integer and float numbers, can be used for counting, and storing/calculating values
Time Variable: can save the time at any stage of the VR experience

String Variable

Initial value can be set to any string in the variable editor in training builder.
When used in Change Variable response, string should be surrounded in single quotations ( )

Expression supported operations include adding strings, and substring

Time Variable

Initial value all time variables are set to the start time of the VR experience.
At any point of the VR experience the user can capture current time and store it in a time variable

More info about using time variables can be found in the post Timing processes in VR

Number Variable

Initial Value can be set to any float or integer numbers
The following operations are supported for number variables
Increment: Adds one to the current value
Decrement: Subtracts one from the current value
Time Difference: calculates the different in seconds (up millisecond precision) between two time variables
Expression: large number of expressions are supported we will discuss those in a new article to be published soon.

Variable Writer

Variable writer tool enables the user to track the value of a variable in the VR experience

The value of the variable is updated dynamically, so whenever the variable value is changes the variable writer will be updated to show the new value of the variable

Variable writer is available under the VR effect menu.

The user can control its size, and place. So it to be aligned on a wall in the scene or on a monitor

User selects which variable to view, color of the text, and prefix text.

Having multiple variable writers belonging to the same group makes them have the same font size.

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