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GLTF, Microsoft Word in 3D


Microsoft office has been a fundamental platform since the beginning of computerized documents. It is still the main choice of data saving, transferring and presenting for many corporate and noncommercial entities. With the immense amount of progress along the recent years; 3d scenery is attached to almost every virtual presentation. Now you can easily introduce your Microsoft Word documents to the next dimension. With GLTF files your Word documents can be in 3D.

You can export any 3d model using the SimLab composer as a GLTF file as the image bellow, or by pressin Cntl+E. Then make sure to export it as GLB which stands for GLTF Binary.

Now drag and drop your exported file into a Word Document as a 3d image. Where any user can orbit around the model you’re presenting by just double clicking on that image.

This can be a distinguished tool for a next-level presentation technique. and yes, Microsoft Word is capable of loading 3d files.

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Or start learning more about SimLab Composer here: https://www.simlab-soft.com/

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